Friday, January 3, 2014

Meditations on Money & Abundance

Thank you for all my money
Thank you for all the money I make each day
Thank you for having enough
Thank you for being supported & provided for
Thank you for always having what I need

Money is energy and spirit.
It is made of the same things as you and me.
Intend to use your money energy with wisdom & love.
Be grateful for the money you do have and the universe will send you more.
Visualize & feel youself having more than enough money on the daily basis.
Be grateful for the money you make each day & week.

Positive Affirmations:
I use my time and energy where it will create the greatest results.
I receive all the good things my higher self has to give me.
My savings act as a magnet to draw more money.
My debts represent my and others' beliefs in my future earning ability.
I am a valuable person. My path is important.
I create what I want with energy. Good things come to me easily.
I visualize my goal everyday. I am financially independent and free.
I know I can create the reality I want.
All my money is energy awaiting my command to create good in my life.
I ask for what I want. I am open to receive it in whatever form it comes to me.
I know the essence of what I want and I get it.
I choose beliefs that bring me aliveness and growth.
I honor and value my creativity and ideas.
I am always in the right place at the right time.
I choose to live an abundant life.

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