Monday, December 23, 2013

Meditations on Your Romantic Relationship

Thank you for my loving partner/spouse./boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband
Thank you for their presence in my life
Thank you for having such an amazing person as my partner

Give your partner compliments
Give your partner space to be who they are
Actively work on any issues you and your partner may have
Let your partner know often about how your feel about them
Be patient and kind to your partner
Do fun activites with your partner often
Keep clear communication and agreements with your partner

Positive Affirmations:
My partner is a gift in my life.
I intend to be loving and kind to my partner.
My partner and I have a healthy, loving, balanced relationship.
My relationship with my partner is grounded in light and love.

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World Thanks: To the Earth Mother

The earth is our mother
she provides us with all we need
it is a sign of respect to her and ourselves
when we take care of her
when we thank her for all her blessings

You can help the earth in many ways:
1. recycle, reduce, reuse
2. control your negative thoughts
3. offer her prayers
4. offer her libations
5. offer her daily gratitude

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Monday, December 9, 2013

World Thanks: To All The Spirtual Teachers & Organizations of Light

Thank you to all the spiritual teachers and organizations on the planet (p/p/f)
who do their work from a place of light, love, and inclusion

Thank you for advocating for peace, health, abundance, harmony, non-violence, higher consciousness, Christ Consciousness, the rights for all beings, etc

Thank you for working towards these amazing goals each day

Special Shout out to some of My Personal Favorite Organizations.............
Center for Spiritual Living
Center for Transformative Change
Churches for Religious Science
Pleiadian Lightwork - Dolphin Star Temple
The Meta Center on NY
NY Open Center
Omega Institute