Friday, January 3, 2014

Meditation on Your Body & Health

Thank you for my glorious body
Thank you for & to my cells
Thank you for being healthy
Thank you for being fully functional
Thank you for being able to move with ease & grace
Thank you for being beautiful

Make the intention to honor your body.
No matter if you are thin, plump, tall, short, whole or you have a disability.
Honor the way it is and all of its functions.
Your body follows your beliefs.
So focus on it in a good way and it will serve you better.
Be kind to your body.

Positive affirmation for the body:
My posture is perfect.
I breathe in ways that evolve my body.
I picture myself with a fit, trim, and healthy body. As I picture it, I create it.
With each breath out, I release tension and pain. My body feels wonderful.
With each breath in I increase the light in my life.
My bones are strong and support me well.
I smile often. I feel happy when I smile.
I am at my peak.
My DNA is building a new, vibrant body that is filled with light.
I relax my body throughout the day.
I feel all the molecules and atoms in my body rearranging themselves to create even greater fitness and health.
I love to stretch, and I do so often.
I am pain free. My body feels good.

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