Friday, January 3, 2014

Thank You Universe


Close your eyes.
Pick a number between 1-40.
Read the affirmation for that number.
Make that affirmation your chant for today.

1.Thank You Universe
2.Thank You Great Mother Goddess
3.Thank You Earth mother
4.Thank You Nature
5.Thank You for my body
6.Thank You for my heath
7.Thank You for my life
8.Thank You for my path
9.Thank You for my creativity
10.Thank You for my work
11.Thank You for my family
12.Thank You for my friends
13.Thank You for my play
14.Thank You for my money
15.Thank You for each day
16.Thank You to my cells
17.Thank You to my holographic selves
18.Thank You to the animals
19.Thank You to the plants
20.Thank You to the minerals
21.Thank You to the sun
22.Thank You to the moon
23.Thank You to the galactic sun & center
24.Thank You to my divine self
25.Thank You to my higher self
26.Thank You to my guardian angel
27.Thank You to my spirit guides
28.Thank You for love
29.Thank You to light
30.Thank You to my past, present, and future
31.Thank You to all of creation
32.Thank You for my spiritual awareness
33.Thank You for my emotional calm
34.Thank You for my mental clarity
35.Thank for my daily food
36.Thank You for being fully-functional
37.Thank You to the shadow & ego
38.Thank You for my lessons
39.Thank You for my growth
40.Thank You for being so amazing

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